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Does the size of your vehicle keep you safe in a crash?

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2024 | Car Accidents

There are many different factors that determine the severity of injuries someone will suffer in a car accident. How fast the vehicles are traveling has a major influence, for example. Crashes are less likely on the interstate, but they can be more serious because people are traveling at higher speeds.

But what about the size of your vehicle itself? That is also related, in the sense that a larger and taller vehicle is usually safer than a smaller vehicle. The weight and mass of the vehicles plays a big role when determining how much energy transfers from one car into the other during the accident. Thus, someone who is in a larger and heavier vehicle is less likely to suffer serious injuries.

Underride accidents

One of the most dangerous types of accidents to be involved in is an underride accident. These crashes often involve semi-trucks, which are vastly larger and taller than passenger vehicles. What happens is that the smaller car becomes wedged or trapped under the larger one. This is especially common when a semi-truck cuts off another vehicle, turning in front of it, and that smaller vehicle slides under the side of the trailer.

The greatest danger from an underride accident is that people tend to suffer head and neck injuries. Chest injuries are also more common, whereas leg and torso injuries are less likely. Because of the location of these injuries – which is directly due to the size difference between the vehicles – the fatality rates in underride accidents are very high.

No matter what vehicle you drive, you could suffer injuries if someone else causes an accident. If that driver acted negligently, it may be time to look into your options to seek financial compensation.