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Most common reasons for traffic stops

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Traffic Violations

Traffic violations are common occurrences on the roads, but they can have significant consequences, from hefty fines to increased insurance rates and even license suspensions. The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office reported the State Police made over 230,000 traffic stops in 2021.

To help you stay informed and avoid these issues, you should learn about some of the top traffic violations and how to steer clear of them.


Speeding is one of the most prevalent traffic violations. Exceeding the posted speed limits endangers lives and can result in expensive fines. To avoid this violation, always obey speed limits, pay attention to road signs and adjust your speed according to weather and traffic conditions.

Running red lights

Failing to stop at a red light can lead to devastating accidents. To prevent this violation, always come to a complete stop at red lights and proceed only when the light turns green and it is safe to do so.

Using a mobile phone

Texting, making calls or using your mobile phone while driving is dangerous and illegal. To steer clear of this violation, put your phone away while behind the wheel or use a hands-free device.

Failing to yield the right of way

Failing to yield the right of way at intersections or crosswalks can lead to accidents and traffic violations. Always be aware of traffic rules and yield the right of way to other drivers or pedestrians when required by law.

Driving without a seat belt

Failing to wear a seat belt can result in fines and, more importantly, increases the risk of severe injury in an accident. Skip this common traffic issue by buckling up every time you get in the vehicle.

Improper lane changes

Engaging in abrupt lane transitions or executing them without proper signaling carries the potential for vehicular collisions and infringements of traffic regulations. It is imperative to employ your turn signals, diligently inspect your blind spots and effectuate lane changes exclusively when conditions ensure safety and compliance with traffic laws.

Failure to stop for school buses

Ignoring a stopped school bus with its lights flashing and stop sign extended is a severe violation. Always stop when a school bus is picking up or dropping off children.

Expired or missing registration and insurance

Driving with expired registration or without proper insurance is a common violation. Ensure your vehicle’s registration and insurance are up to date to avoid penalties.

Understanding and adhering to traffic laws is essential for your safety and the safety of others on the road. By avoiding these top traffic violations, you not only protect yourself from legal consequences but also contribute to safer roads for everyone.