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Are rideshare services reducing drunk driving?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | DUI

Back when rideshare services first became popular, the biggest push for them was as a way to help reduce drunk driving. Impaired driving is a serious criminal matter that causes many deaths each year, so reducing the number of people behind the wheel who are under the influence has always been a transportation industry goal.

With rideshare companies banking on their impact to reduce DUI incidents, you may wonder if they have accomplished that goal. Multiple studies have shown that ridesharing has helped to reduce casualties due to drunk driving.

Dependent on location

It is not possible to credit ridesharing services with greatly reducing the nation’s drunk deriving issue because these benefits do not happen everywhere. The main reason for that is the services are not available everywhere.

Rural areas, for example, often have high incidents of DUI-related accidents. These same areas are less likely to offer rideshare services. So, the problem continues in these areas where the service isn’t available despite ridesharing helping to reduce drunk driving in more populated areas.

Does have benefits

Where ridesharing is available, it is a favorite option for people who may have otherwise gotten behind the wheel. Before ridesharing, taxis and public transit were available. However, taxis were often too expensive, and public transit had limited hours of operation. Ridesharing is more affordable and essentially provides 24/7 service.

Ridesharing services may not be able to completely eliminate drunk driving, especially in certain areas. But it is helping to reduce instances and making a positive impact when available.