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How can drivers reduce road rage incidents?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2023 | Car Accidents

Drivers face numerous difficulties when on the road. This includes the possibility of road rage, which serves as a form of aggressive driving.

What is road rage? More importantly for the safety of drivers everywhere, is there a way to reduce it?

Defining road rage

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discusses road rage among drivers. First of all: what is road rage to begin with?

Road rage typically describes situations in which one or more drivers on the road end up engaged in some sort of confrontation which leads to the exhibition of irrational and aggressive behaviors.

Examples can include tailgating, intentionally crashing into someone’s vehicle, following a person closely, following a person to their destination and even committing bodily harm against someone.

How can drivers avoid road rage incidents?

One of the biggest ways to avoid road rage incidents is to avoid confrontations. Do not engage with an angry or aggressive driver. Do not flip them off, yell at them, tailgate in return, speed, or do any other actions that make it seem like you want a fight.

Instead, remain inside your vehicle at all times. If things get sticky, go to a public parking space. Ideally, get to a hospital, police station or fire station if possible, as this greatly reduces the chance of an aggressive driver attempting anything drastic.

By remaining tolerant of others and knowing how to avoid aggressive drivers when they come at you first, you can avoid most negative outcomes of crossing paths with an angry driver.