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What are crash crush injuries?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2023 | Car Accidents

When involved in a car crash, injuries will naturally occur. The worse the crash, the worse the injuries tend to be.

In some crashes, victims may suffer from crush injuries of varying degrees. What are these injuries and how do they impact a person?

Defining crush injuries

Up To Date takes a look at crush injuries that happen due to car crashes. Crush injuries can vary in severity from moderate to extreme. Crush injuries do not tend to lean toward mild damage by nature of what they are.

A crush injury in general occurs in the event that something large or heavy impacts, flattens, runs over or otherwise compresses part – or the entirety – of a person’s body.

For example, if a truck driver accidentally runs over someone’s foot, this would count as a crush injury. Likewise, if a person ends up trapped beneath rubble due to an earthquake, this is also a crush injury.

Crush injuries can range in severity, but some can cause almost immediate death or severe and lasting complications. Crush injuries to the limbs versus the torso also have different impacts.

Limb versus trunk risks

Limb crush injuries have a higher rate and risk of infection. Gangrene and necrosis of the flesh can result in amputation. Sepsis also serves as a major concern.

On the other hand, trunk injuries come with the risk of organ failure or damage. Either of these effects has the potential to seriously impact a victim’s health, or even whether they survive. This is why immediate medical care is a necessity.