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How to know whether you are over the legal limit

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | DUI

Drunk driving is illegal in every state, and in New Jersey, you may not get behind the wheel if your Blood Alcohol Concentration is 0.08% or higher. You can even get charged for DUI if your BAC is lower.

It is hard to know whether you are past the official threshold after a night on the town. You want to reduce the odds of getting pulled over for drunk driving. Use tools that help figure out whether you should be clear to hit the road.

Blood-alcohol calculators

Open the browser on your phone. Next, search for sites that calculate intoxication levels. Input information, such as weight and length of time you have been drinking. Pressing one button will give you an estimated BAC figure.

Portable breathalyzers

Law enforcement officials never assume a shift lacking these disposable devices. Like them, you can create a self-imposed rule against bar hopping without one. By blowing into an attached tube, these standalone gadgets deliver instantaneous results. Unfortunately, less expensive versions tend to be unreliable. More accurate ones can cost over $100. Medications and medical conditions may impact readouts.

Phone apps

There are also alcohol trackers that plug into the audio jack of your phone. You pull up the accompanying app and exhale into the attachment. With prolonged usage, these programs gather information about how your body processes alcohol. If it turns out you are too drunk to drive, request a rideshare service directly from the program.

Driving drunk could cause an accident or legal trouble. Avoid these scenarios by measuring your intoxication every time you want to head out.