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How can a criminal charge derail a college student’s future?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Members of Generation Z sometimes get an unfair reputation as being too aloof and even entitled. In reality, today’s college students have to contend with formidable challenges in order to make their way in the world. Educational expenses are greater than ever, and wages are not growing commensurately with the rising cost of living. While young adults are in school, a criminal conviction could make the hard road ahead much harder.


Criminal charges could result in termination from an academic program. Also, a criminal charge may be a bar to admission into a graduate program.

Educational expenses

A criminal conviction can affect students’ eligibility to receive financial aid. A student with a conviction could lose out on federal student loans as well as an educational institution’s private scholarships.


It is becoming increasingly difficult for students to find affordable housing. Unfortunately,  criminal charges can make it even tougher to get housing. An open criminal case or a conviction may prompt landlords and property managers to reject an application for occupancy.


A company could decline to offer employment to job applicants due to their criminal history. Likewise, a criminal conviction can preclude qualification for certain types of professional licensure.

It is important that college students and their families do not dismiss the potential seriousness of a criminal charge. Even if the incident that precipitated an arrest seemed to be relatively minor or just typical college partying, the ramifications may be severe. A conviction can put a student’s academic, professional, and financial future in an extremely precarious position.