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How can a sudden increase in anger impact how someone drives?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2022 | Car Accidents

While choices like drinking and driving may have immediate repercussions, the problems with giving in to road rage may not seem obvious at first.

You could notice people who drive recklessly and wonder if anger is the source of this problem. Learning about ways that these strong emotions can influence your safety while driving alongside other people can help you.

Increasingly losing control of a vehicle

According to Psychology Today, anger can lead to impulsive decisions while someone drives. If a driver notices another vehicle passing them or thinks a driver is acting rudely toward them, they may feel pressured to respond aggressively.

Aggressive driving can manifest in many ways, such as a person cutting another car off while the car is trying to exit a highway or change lanes. People may find themselves speeding up and breaking the speed limit without realizing it. All of these changes can make it harder to control a vehicle and lead to more accidents.

Focusing less on other people

While focusing only on one other vehicle, people can break rules and put others in danger. A person with road rage may ignore red lights or stop signs, along with pedestrians who are trying to cross the road.

This tunnel vision also means they are more likely to hit cars that are turning in front of them or tailgating them since they are quickly weaving between other drivers.

Escalating behavior

If an angry person continues to indulge in feelings of rage, then they may park their vehicle in order to confront a driver and physically harm them. Staying aware of the range of reactions people have to feeling frustrated on the road can help you if you are in an accident.