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How can prom night be enjoyable and not regrettable?

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2022 | Juvenile Charges

As high school seniors prepare for prom, families should anticipate possible dangers so that the celebration remains a memory full of joy and not regret.

A poor decision can result in a night in jail and bring consequences that alter a young adult’s future. Parents and their children can work together to develop ways to minimize any trouble.

Avoiding drugs and alcohol

At any public event, attendees should watch their drinks to prevent bad actors from taking advantage. Partiers must be especially alert during after-prom activities where chaperone arrangements may vary.

While the State of New Jersey outlaws a person under 21 from possessing alcohol in a public place or motor vehicle, underage drinking under supervision on private property may not carry charges. Since families’ standards vary on what is acceptable, parents should discuss their behavior expectations ahead of time. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety notes spring is the most dangerous time on the road for teenagers because of increased alcohol-related deaths, so drivers should take extra care.

If a child ends up with someone partaking in alcohol or drugs, guilt may come through association, leaving a young person to defend themselves against possession charges. Families can make an “escape plan” so that a child knows who to call to evade a precarious situation.

Steering clear of altercations

Misunderstandings and hurt feelings can lead to sharp disagreements. Parents and teens can consider which groups and individuals to avoid to keep clear of a possible fight. A person mixed up in the middle of a fierce melee might face charges along with the antagonizers.

Students deserve a good time at prom, which they can do with the proper precautions. The rite of passage is an excellent opportunity to learn the delicate balance of having responsible fun.