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How long until your traffic violation appears on your insurance?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | Traffic Violations

After New Jersey police pulled you over and issued a traffic violation, you wonder how long you have until you feel the ticket’s effects. You know your insurance premiums may increase and want to plan for the worst.

PocketSense explores how much time it takes traffic violations to show up on your policy. Rather than wait for the inevitable, get ahead of it.

Policy renewal

States notify the Department of Motor Vehicles when a driver receives a traffic violation. Expect your insurance carrier to learn of your violation when renewing your policy. Look on your insurance card or policy for your next renewal date. If you change your policy after receiving a violation, expect your agent to uncover your violation.

Securing a new policy

If you dislike your current insurance company and look for a new one, anticipate your new provider learning about your ticket. Insurance providers look into potential customers before covering them. If they consider you an at-risk driver, get ready to pay higher premiums for the same coverage.

Driving record review

Depending on your insurance company, you may undergo a scheduled driving record review before reaching your policy renewal period. Often, record reviews happen every couple of years, but some carriers perform them once a year. It may depend on your driving history and age, but younger drivers and those with spotty driving histories often receive reviews more often. Even if the review uncovers a traffic violation, drivers older than 50 may not receive higher premiums.

A single traffic violation may affect your life more than you realize. Rather than wait to see what happens, educate yourself on proactive steps to take.