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What do you know about getting a job with a DUI?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | DUI

You do not want to let your recent DUI keep you from advancing your career, but you know the charge comes with baggage. How does your interaction with New Jersey law enforcement affect your job search?

Chron offers tips for gaining employment when you have a drunk driving charge. Learn where to focus your time and energy on your job prospects.

Learn your legal rights

Before companies run a background check on you, run one on yourself. That way, you know what employers see when they look into your past. If your DUI appears, check it for errors. The same charge could appear multiple times, or you may have another person’s charges on your record. Resolve errors before you continue your job search.

Time the news

You do not need to mention your DUI when you first meet a hiring manager. Some companies do not ask job candidates whether they have a criminal record. Once you pass the initial interview and the employer shows an interest in hiring you, mention your DUI. That way, they know what you bring to the table as an employee.

Tell the truth

You may want to smudge the truth about your charge, but doing so could cost you. Some employers do not mind working with candidates with a criminal record, but they may think twice about working with someone they perceive as dishonest. Another reason not to lie is a recruiter can easily run a background check on you.

A DUI may change the trajectory of your career, but you could have more options than you realize. By understanding your rights, you help empower yourself.