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Gang faces multiple weapons charges after crackdown

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2021 | Weapons Charges

When it comes to the Second Amendment, it might be easy to assume that state and federal laws have a scarce amount of limitations in order to preserve everyone’s right to bear arms. But there are a variety of limitations for weaponry and possession of illegal firearms or ammunition has serious consequences.

As the local outlet The Trentonian reports, 10 gang members face indictments for several criminal charges including weapons charges.

Possession with a record

Among those arrested, authorities took in several gang members who previously served time. This exacerbates their cases as each received an additional charge of second-degree possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. In New Jersey, that carries a sentence of up to 10 years imprisonment and $150,000. One member faces up to 20 years and a $200,000 fine due to a combination of unlawful possession and drug possession charges.

Weapons in the bust

Between the 10 gang members arrested, authorities recovered six semiautomatic handguns. One of which the law considers a “ghost gun” on account of its difficulty to trace. The report does not mention specifically why the other five were illegal. Other items confiscated in the operation include four illegal magazines, hollow-point rounds, and various illegal substances.

Charges without discharge

Though this situation saw no violent gun crimes, the possession of illegal firearms posed enough risk to the authorities that they acted on the tip they received.

Criminal weapon charges pose a heavy toll on anyone facing them. It may mean money owed or time in prison long enough to derail anyone’s life. Due to their high stakes, any defense against them requires patience, determination and reliable resources.