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What are some common signs of road rage?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Car Accidents

While traveling down a highway or other road, you may notice a car around you swerving wildly and acting strangely.

Road rage causes many drivers to antagonize people around them. Knowing common signs of this phenomenon is important for anyone worried about motor vehicle crashes.

Gesturing and yelling

According to Psychology Today, drivers often make obscene gestures in order to intimidate or irritate someone else on the road. A fit of anger about something as inconsequential as a missed turn can lead to dangerous consequences.

Drivers taking their hands off the wheel to lean over or shout out a window can make them lose control and crash. It can also escalate the situation into a physical fight if someone pulls over to the side of the road and leaves his or her car.


Breaking the speed limit while following another car is one common way people with road rage get into an accident. Driving over curbs or ignoring red lights are dangerous decisions for anyone to make.

The faster someone drives, the more likely he or she will end up in a crash. When a person with road rage tailgates you, he or she could easily end up ramming into the back of your car.

Changing lanes

Rapidly changing between lanes or not using a turn signal leads to confusion for everyone on the road. An angry driver may dodge in front of other cars in order to pursue you.

These lane changes can also require other cars to brake suddenly. Knowing why these actions are dangerous can help you determine if someone has road rage or not.