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How will colleges react to a DUI conviction?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2021 | DUI

When you face a DUI conviction, you are likely going to think of other major repercussions first. This can include the possibility of jail time and enormous fines, as well as the loss of your license. 

But as a college student, you also need to worry about how your college will react. In some cases, one DUI can have a huge impact on your entire time in college. 

Revocation of financial support

The College Investor goes as far as to say that a DUI can ruin your college career. Before anything, understand that police will contact the board of your college to let them know if you end up convicted. This removes the possibility of keeping it under wraps. From there, it is up to the board to decide how to handle your case. 

In some situations, they may expel a student. However, this is a rare move. Most colleges that turn to this option often deal with cases where multiple students ended up injured or even killed. 

But what happens for the majority of students? They are still at great financial risk. A college will almost definitely revoke any financial support they provided before the conviction. This can include prizes, scholarships, awards and more. 

On-campus housing

On top of that, they will likely bar you from utilizing any on-campus forms of housing. This housing often provides students with affordable living accommodations, especially compared to rental rates in the cities nearby. The combination of these factors alone may price you out of attendance. 

You may also find yourself limited in terms of what classes you can take, what internships you can sign up for and more. Thus, you want to treat the possibility of conviction seriously.